Monday, August 19, 2013

It is normal to lose some hair everyday but I'm sure you would know when you are facing a hair loss problem. It is hard not to notice when normal hair loss turns to excessive hair loss. There are many hair loss solutions, that are now easily available. These days it is often noticed, that many people use many hair loss prevention products on their own. This is not advisable though.

1. Hair is essentially made of proteins. Therefore, it is important that you include a healthy dose of proteins in your diet. Food items rich in proteins are eggs, almonds, seafood, yogurt, soy products, etc. The hair loss prevention vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin B (including vitamin B6 and vitamin B12), vitamin E and vitamin C. It is important to note that folic acid and iron also play a vital role in healthy hair. Throwing away junk food will help you a great deal in your fight against hair loss.

2. A paste of two well-mashed bananas and beaten curd applied to the hair and scalp can greatly reinvigorate dry hair. Make sure the paste coats the ends of the hair and is left onto the scalp for 15 minutes. Shampoo and rinse your hair clean of the paste for soft lustrous hair.

3. Try applying coconut milk all over your scalp as a natural hair loss remedy. For a change, crush black pepper and lime seeds in equal measure in a little bit of water, and put it everyday on your scalp. It is effective as a home based natural hair loss remedy.

4. You might want to try chinese herbal remedies to remedy your problem. Go to a Chinese medicine shop and seek the advice of the herbalist there. They will most likely recommend a herb called he shou wu. The scientific name for the plant is Polygonium multiflorium. It helps the body's kidney and liver function. By so doing, it improves your blood's nutritious quality, thereby benefiting your head's scalp and hair roots.

5. If you are facing hair loss problems, you may need to find out the correct hair loss prevention shampoo to arrest hair loss. With 'find out' I mean you will have to check which shampoo suits your hair the best.

6. The gel within the aloe vera plant can be used not only to cure hair dryness but can fight hair loss as well. After shampooing your hair, liberal application of fresh aloe vera to the scalp will stimulate hair growth and nourish dry hair. Drinking aloe vera juice also helps to flush out the body and stimulate healthy hair from within.

7. Wash your hair with cooked black gram dal and fenugreek paste for lengthening your hair. Paste made of red gram or pigeon pea is applied for treating balding or hair loss conditions. You may also use castor oil in your hair. Prepare a good paste from honey, hot olive oil and cinnamon and apply it on your scalp leaving it for 15 minutes.

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